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The User section is a tool where you can add, search, view, edit, and inactivate user (employee) profiles.

Adding a User

As a General Manager, you are responsible for creating student accounts for you and your hotel employees.

To create a new user account from the Property Training Dashboard click on the Add User button.

A blank user profile will appear. You will be asked to fill out the following fields for your employee.

  • Username (User’s unique identifier)
  • First name and Last name
  • Email address (Must be unique)
  • Password
  • Job Function (for descriptions for each function please refer to the Job Function Table)
  • Choice Privileges # (optional)
  • Date Format and Timezone Settings will automatically fill in the property information such as Country, Brand(s), and Property Code(s). If this information is incorrect, please contact ChoiceU.

Click Add User, then a Success message will appear. The student will receive an email with their username and password. If they do not have a valid email address, then you will need to provide them their username and password.

Transfer Records or Multiple Accounts

If an employee has joined your team from another Choice Hotels property. They do not have to retake their training and their records can be transferred to your property by submitting a Student Transfer Request.

If one of your employees or you have multiple accounts please contact ChoiceU to merge the training records.

Searching For A User

You can use the User Section to search for a ChoiceU user (employee) profile.

From the Property Training Dashboard menu click on the Users button.

The User section offers numerous search options for locating and filtering user accounts, such as.

  • Username (User’s unique identifier)
  • First name and Last name
  • Email address
  • Job Function (for descriptions for each function please refer to the Job Function Table)

To choose one of these options click on the Filter user where dropdown and select one of the dropdown options.

To modify the filter, you can choose one of the three options Starts with, Contains, and Ends with.

Type what you are searching for in the text field and click Go. If a user matches your search criteria they will appear in the user window.

No results? We recommend clearing your filters by clicking on the Clear Filter button and modify your filters or clicking on the Show Inactive button. The Show Inactive button shows all users who are set to inactive at your property.

Still no luck?  can assist you.

Viewing A User Profile

You have access to user profiles that display their information, such as Name, Email, Property, Brand, and Certificates. You are only allowed to view accounts at your property.

After using the search options to find the user profile double click on the account.

From the Edit User window you have access to the following tabs:

  • User Information – Basic information of the user
  • User Change Log – A snapshot view of the recent account updates for the past 2 weeks
  • Certificates – A list of all certificates earned by the user
  • Content Activity –  A list of the student’s content activity for the past 2 weeks. To view the student’s activity beyond 2 weeks you must run the Student Activity Report.

Edit A User

In some cases, you may have to edit your employee’s information such a name change, job function change, or updating their password.

Click the User Information tab (this tab is defaulted to show first)

From this tab, you may edit the user’s Email Address, First and Last Name, Password, or Job Function. Once you have made your edits, click Save Changes.

  • When editing the password field, it must be confirmed.
  • Users can rest their own password from the forgot password page.
  • If a grayed out text field cannot be edited, you must contact ChoiceU to make the change.

User Certificates

The Certificates tab displays all certificate learned by your employee.

Click the Certificates tab to view the certificates the has earned on

Click the “Download” link to view or print the certificate.

Note: Students can also download their own Certificates.

Account Status

Under the Active column, you will see these status icons.

  • Active (Green) students that have logged onto within the last 365 days
  • Idle (Yellow) students that have not logged onto within the last 365 days
  • Inactive (Red) students that have not logged onto within the last 546 days or no longer work at the property. Once a student is set to inactive they will no longer have access to

Inactivate Student Accounts

If an employee is no longer with the property you have the option to change their status.

From the Property Training Dashboard click on the Users button.

Under the Active column hover over the Status Icon.

Click the icon until it changes to Inactive (Red).

If the employees return they can be brought back to an Active (Green) status. We recommend doing this so the employee does not have to retake any completed training.

If the user does not remember their password you can update it for them by editing the user profile.

Inactivate Student Accounts

From the Property Training Dashboard click on the Users button.

Click on the Show Inactive button from the User Toolbar.

Under the Active column hover over the Status icon.

Click the icon until it changes to Idle (Yellow) or Active (Green). When the icon shows as Idle (Yellow) your employee will need to log into their account the same day for their account to stay active.

If you or employees need further assistance you may contact a ChoiceU.

Updated on October 20, 2020

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