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The online platform allows Owners and General Managers to view and track their Choice properties’ progress through the hotel opening process. This guide will demonstrate how to access and use the Choice Openings account. Scheduled Maintenance – March 19 – 21

On March 19th and 21st, we will be performing maintenance on the Choice Openings servers. The maintenance window will be from 9 am 3/19/2021 to 5 pm 3/21/2020, MST.

Choice Openings Account

As a franchisee of a Choice® hotel property, you have exclusive access to a customized resource designed to support you with the opening process of your hotel. This resource will let you view your progress and will provide you with all resources for opening a Choice® hotel.  Tracking your opening progress has never been easier!

To access these resources you must first have a openings account on which is assigned by an Opening Service Coordinator (OSC) for your hotel. Once you have access, you are ready to begin!

Your journey will begin with logging in.

Log In

  1. Go to
  2. At the initial Openings, Login screen enter your Property Username and Password 
    (Ex: Openings.MD001).
  3. Click the Log In button
  4. Once you have successfully logged in, your properties’ Opening Dashboard.

Forgot Username Or Password?

  1. If you cannot remember your username or password, click the Forgot username/password
  2. Enter either your Username 
  3. Click the Reset button. Shortly after, you will receive an email with further instructions to reset your password.

Do you need help with your Openings account? Contact Choice Openings

Openings Welcome Page

The Welcome Page lets you view your progress and provides you access to all your opening resources. Tracking your openings progress has never been easier!

Property Info and Help

This area of the Welcome Page presents a welcome message, your Choice Hotels Property Code, and Brand.

  1. The Welcome Video is a brief video about
  2. Click the Openings Email button to contact an Openings Team member.
  3. The Help/FAQ button will direct you to the Help page.

Openings Progress

This feature allows Choice Openings to show you how far you have come in each of the paths to open your hotel. It also explains how to visit the paths. Once all requirements are complete the progress bar will show 100% and display in green.

The Opening Paths button will take you to a page where you can find all the tasks you need to complete or have already completed.

Opening Resources

Here you will find additional resources to help you through your Openings journey. You will be able to find Brand Page, Training Resources, and Property Improvement Plan (PIP), and Vendor Resources.

Note: You must have a Choice Central account to view the Brand and Vendor pages.

Openings Paths

Your Openings Path guides you to the resources you need to complete before you can open! Accessing these tasks can be done in one easy click!

The Openings Path button will launch the Openings Paths page. The path is interactive and consists of the tasks needed to complete. Click on each identified task category so you can launch and complete your tasks. Once all task items under a learning track have been completed a green check-mark will appear.

Paths are based your brand and project type (CONV or NEWC)

Example Of An Openings Conversion Path

Example Of An Openings New Construction Path

Task Categories and Progress Indicators

To begin completing the Openings task category, you first have to open it. Hovering over the task category will display information about the tasks and clicking on the selected path will take you your selected path.

To view your progress there is a Blue Circle in the bottom right corner of each path. The number listed will show how many tasks are in each category and how many tasks have been completed. If you completed all the tasks in a path, it will show a Green Check Mark in the bottom right corner.

Click the PDF icon to download a PDF/printable version of your Openings Path. This includes a list of all tasks available on the path and completion status of each Openings Path section.

Content Area

The Content Area presents information such as Title, Completion Status, Task/Document Details, Associated Resources, Prerequisites, and Task/Document Description.

There are four content types, Tasks, Documents, Videos, and Acknowledgments.


Task allows you to identify that you have done something on the Choice Openings Portal, for example, I have submitted my eHOG to my assigned OPD/OSC. 

There are

  • Submit for Approval: A Task in which you can identify that you have done something and also needs approval by your assigned OPD/OSC; Example: Submit eHOG Document.
  • Submit Document(s) for Approval: These Tasks require that a document must be submitted before the task can be approved.
  • Marked Complete by User: A Task in which you can identify that you have done something (does not need an OPD/OSC Approval).

Documents, Videos & Acknowledgements

This content type allows you to view or download the required forms or watch videos specifically for the openings process.

The Acknowledgements content type allows you to acknowledge that you have completed a piece of ChoiceU training either on or in ChoiceU classroom.

Searching for Tasks & Documents

The Search box gives you the ability to search or filter your opening tasks or documents from the content page, such as task title or document title.

To search for a task or document, type your search criteria in the search field and click the search icon or press Enter. You can filter your search by each content type.

Choice Openings Help

Do you have an Openings Process question(s)? No worries, we’re here to help you by reviewing the FAQs or you can submit your question(s) below.

Do you have financial questions or need assistance?


Who Do I Contact To Gain Access To ChoiceOpenings.Com ?
To access the resources on your property must have a Openings account on which must be created by your properties’ assigned Opening Service Coordinator (OSC). Once your account has been created, you are ready to begin! 
I Can’t Remember My Choice Openings Password. How Can I Reset It?
On the login screen at click on the link “Forgot username/password”. You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password. If you do not have a valid email address you must contact Choice Openings.
What Is An OSC/OPD And How Can They Help Me?
Opening Services Coordinator (OSC)
Our OSC team is based in Rockville, MD at our corporate office. The OSC serves as the single point of contact for the franchisee in the corporate office. They facilitate the welcome call and email, provide an overview of Choice resources and the opening milestones, monitor the estimated opening date, answer daily calls and emails, collect legal milestones, process necessary legal documents and work with our team in Phoenix, AZ to activate properties in the system.

Onboarding Project Director (OPD)
Our OPD team is field-based and serves as the single point of contact in the field during the opening process. The OPD coaches each property in building their database (eHOG), reviews the PIP and brand standards, processes any waivers or concessions, provides onsite consultation, and conducts the opening inspection.

Contact Choice Openings

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    Updated on March 8, 2021

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