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The Property Training Dashboard makes it easy for you to find the information you really need as a administrator. Such as updates on new training, up-to-date property certifications, recent completions by your staff, and a Property SnapShot!

(only available for Domestic Properties)

Actions Bar

Here you can View the Admin Profile, View Users (employees), Add a User (employee), run a Year to Date Training Records report (Property Training Report), Email your Choice Area Director, and Contact ChoiceU with one click of a button.

View Admin Profile

The View Admin Profile button view allows you to view your ChoiceU Admin Profile settings. From there you can update the account password, email address, and time zone.

Manage Users

You can use the Users button to view or search for a ChoiceU user (employee) profile at your property. For more details on Searching For A Userclick here.

1. To Add a New User account click on the Add User button.

2. A blank user profile will appear. You will be asked to fill out all the required fields for your employee. For more details on Profile Informationclick here.

3. Click on Add New User

Property Training Report (YTD Training Records)

The Property Training Report button will download a Year-to-Date training records report for your property. For more details on other reporting options, click here.

Email Your Area Director / FAQ & Help

The Email Area Director button will link to your Area Director (AD)’s contact information.

The Contact ChoiceU and the FAQ/Help button will link to ChoiceU Help and provide additional information about

Property SnapShot

The Property SnapShot is a quick look at your training engagement on The report displays a live active user count, your properties’ engagement level, and if your property is Operator Certified and… the best part is that it is downloadable (PDF) so you can review the data with your employees!

Active Users

This icon displays the total number of Active Users you have at your property. For information on User Activity Statusclick here.

Property Completion Stats

These icons display the total number of completions at your property for Year-to-Date and over the last 12-months.

Brand Avgerage And Property Engagement

These icons display the level of engagement at your property. Your property engagement level is based on your properties’ total completions in the last 12 months compared to your Brand average.

Operator Certified

This icon indicates whether your Property is Operator Certified or not. If you have any questions about your status please contact ChoiceU.

Download Your SnapShot

You can download your SnapShot report (PDF) and share it with your employees or review it with your Area Director. This report also includes tips on how to stay or improve your engagement on

Recent Completions

Here you can see who recently completed learning activities on The most recent completion is at the top of the list.

To view your employees’ completions in the past 30 days click the Export button. Enter either the Username or Email Address

Property Certifications

Here you can see what certifications are needed for your property and where you and your staff stand on completing those certifications.

Certification Status

  • None (Red) no one at your property has complete this certification course.
  • In Progress (Yellow) one or more users at your property have started this certification course.
  • Completed (Green) one or more users at your property has completed this certification course.

Certification Report

For more details on each certification requirement, including the status of all assigned staff members, you’re just one click away from a report. Messages

Here you’ll see what’s been added to, including anything that has been assigned to your staff, along with other information important to you as the leader of your hotel’s training efforts.

Updated on October 20, 2020

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